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5on Google,Sep 04, 2017


Management is great, any issues get resolved very quickly. Maintenance is great as well. All-around good place for college students.

5on Google,Aug 24, 2017


Highly suggest Sunchase! I've been living here just a few weeks, but I've noticed how great and knowledgeable the staff is at the office and the maintenance guys definitely know what they're doing and actually want to fix stuff for you. Such a great experience thus far!

5on Apartment Ratings,Mar 08, 2017


It's great. I love the apartment and I love the community. Very friendly. I have not really had a problem living at Sunchase. It is great, not super loud or noisy, and very accommodating, and it's pet friendly

5on Google,Feb 06, 2017


My roommate and I love Sunchase! Everyone is so friendly, especially the maintenance. John had to come at 11:00 at night and fix our door handle and you would've never known it was after hours! This is not the only time he's been great! No matter what it is he and the rest of maintenance are always kind and quick to fix a problem!

5on Google,Jan 10, 2017


The entire faculty is welcoming and response from maintenance upon request is VERY efficient!

5on Apartment Ratings,Dec 22, 2016


This complex is very on top of Maintanence requests and they are starting to renovate the apartments so I'm excited to see the end product. The only con about this complex is the confusion when we moved in and somehow misapplied a check I had written for over $200 but they are "working on it".

5on Apartment Ratings,Nov 01, 2016


My roommate and I have been so happy here! The maintenance is always so timely and friendly. We live in a 2 bedroom and there is so much room! The buses are covenient and the two stops make it so easy! The dog park is also a new add! I highly recommend Sunchase!

4on Apartment Ratings,Oct 03, 2016


Sunchase is a quite and nice place to live. It handles any problems that may come up. Maitenience and front office are very nice and responsive. If any packages come they are able to make sure they are out of the rain and contacts you immediately.

5on Apartment Ratings,Sep 17, 2016


Great living experience here at Sunchase Apartments. The quality is fantastic and the staff are great. I love the amount of space in my room and the common area. The amenities are nice and useful! The bus stops to ECU are convenient, not a far walk at all.

3on Apartment Ratings,Sep 16, 2016


I like that the Sunchase community is quiet and calm. The bus schedule is on time most of the time, and no one has ever been rude to me. It's great that the gym is open 24/7 and when I've gone it's never been extremely crowded. I also drive and always find parking right in front of my building so that's great!

3on Apartment Ratings,Aug 25, 2016


The staff who are at the front desk are very helpful and cooperative, I just wish the entire apartment was cleaned before my roommate and I moved in. Also my drain in my bathtub isnt draining properly so that sucks. The gym is pretty nice though.

4on Apartment Ratings,Aug 23, 2016


Maintence was incredibly helpful, especially during move in. They made everything a breeze. All of the staff members were extremely welcoming and made my new apartment feel like home. The location and bus service provided is also very exceptional and usually on time.

5on Apartment Ratings,Aug 21, 2016


Clean Spacious Workers are nice Right down the road from ECU Location is great, near food/grocery stores Can park right outside of apartment Big patio Storage closet on the patio that is big and can fit a lot of stuff Great environment Feel Safe here, security cameras are everywhere

5on Apartment Ratings,Aug 20, 2016


Sunchase is a great apartment complex. The living room is huge and provides lots of space for roommates. The kitchen has plenty of cabinets and working appliances and the bedrooms are also spacious and homey. The balcony has great storage.

4on Apartment Ratings,Aug 15, 2016


I haven't lived here long, but the place is very nice and, aside from a few minor issues, my roommates and I are very happy with how everything has turned out and can't wait to use all of the amenities offered in this small and friendly community.

5on Google,Aug 11, 2016


Sunchase was my first apartment and wow has it set the bar high. In Greenville, where apartments are overpriced, run-down, or just gross, Sunchase is a bright beacon! My roomates and I loved our 4 bedroom, the pool, and the gym! One of its benefits is that it is one of the smaller apartment complexes and not many people have parties (which is good for students who are here at ECU to earn a degree). If you are considering Sunchase, I HIGHLY recommend it! You will love the amazing staff, the wonderful maintenance men, and the friendly atmosphere!

5on Apartment Ratings,Aug 09, 2016


I love SunChase. It is conveniently located and great staff. It is always well kept and the staff here is friendly and ready to help whenever. I fell in love with this complex before I even moved in. My friends enjoyed and so I decided to look at it as one of my options. The response from staff when I asked for a tour honestly made my decision. They helped make sure we had an apartment that was accessible to my future father-in-law who is a double amputee and is confined to a wheel chair. Just their ability to compromise and find an apartment that fit our needs what amazing. The staff and atmosphere here is perfect and I do not see myself leaving until I graduate.

5on Apartment Ratings,Aug 09, 2016


Just moved in, so far so good. Maintenance comes quickly after putting in a request, regardless of how many. Apartment was super clean when we arrived for move-in. Only complaint are the bugs (first floor probz) Otherwise, we have no problems

5on Google,Aug 03, 2016


Sunchase Apartments at ECU is the best choice when looking for housing! The apartments are all fully furnished for great rental rates and the staff is always friendly and helpful. Maintenance is timely and with the complex being smaller than others in the area, it really provides a community feel. I lived here for two years and would recommend them to everyone searching for an apartment!